Just go with it

Just go with it

Rodarte bodice dress, $12,935 / Thakoon Addition / Alejandro Ingelmo open toe shoes / Fiery Dragons Wall Fan / Linea Cherry blossom branch, $15


3 Steps to Rodarte Spring 2013 Basket Weave Nails

3 Steps to Rodarte Spring 2013 Basket Weave Nails
1. Paint the darker color as the base.

2. Paint checks with the lighter color. You can you strips of sticky tape to make the stripes, or what I use, a toothpick! I just stick the toothpick into the polish and use the thin line to paint the stripes!

3. Outline the checks with the darker color. You can also do this with a toothpick! This will give your nails the basket weave effect!